Our favourite places in India – Bijaipur

Castle Bijaipur

Bijaipur village reclines at the foot of Vindhyanchal Hills, in the far South-Eastern corner of Rajasthan and is surrounded by graceful forests of Flame of the Forest & Jacaranda. The village, which dates back to the 1500’s, remains a testament to rural Indian life. The surrounding countryside unfolds in agricultural lands harvesting peanuts, mustard, corn and poppy. As you drive along the laneways that lead towards the village buffalo carts and herds of Brahmin cattle trundle towards home, raising the evening dust. Stacks of hay and firewood perched on a rainbow of sari’s drift in and out of the haze, feet vanishing in the blur, as if the earth and the heavens were hugging each other very, very close.

Castle Bijaipur, situated within fortified walls in the centre of the village was renovated and converted to one of the first Heritage Hotels in the region in 1991. The hotel is managed by the ruling family who still live in the Castle. In fact, the current family is the 13th generation calling the Castle ‘home’Castle Bijaipur Pool

Built in the early 16th century by Rao Vijay Singh, descendent of great Rajput warrior Shakti Singh, the younger brother of Maharana Pratap, Castle Bijaipur had a strategic location within the kingdom of Mewar, as it was defending the frontiers against the invading Mughal and Maratha armies.

Today, in Bijaipur and the Castle within, invading armies couldn’t be further away as it is a haven of peace. The Rao has a stable of the stunning Mewar horses, which you can take out for a ride in the countryside. There is bird watching, nearby lakes, streams and hills and if you are after a spiritual touch, the Rao is a practicing yogi and will personally lead a dawn yoga class on the rooptop if you’re keen. Of course, there are massages, ayurvedic and beauty treatments on offer too to help you relax if lazing around the Castle or by the pool hasn’t done the trick.


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