Favourite places in India – Jodhpur

One of our favourite cities in Rajasthan is Jodhpur – the ‘Blue City’Mehrangarh Fort, Jodhpur

Founded in the 15th century, Jodhpur is situated at the edge of the Thar Desert in the ‘Land of Kings’, and the city is dominated by the imposing and majestic Meherangar

h Fort, which sits atop a sheer rocky ridge in the middle of town. Looking down from the fort, it’s a sea of blue. Many of the buildings in the old town surrounding the fort are painted various shades of azure (the traditional colour of Hindu Brahmins). The colour became popular as a home decor shade apparently as it helps repel insects.We love Jodhpur for its remarkable fort – probably the best in India, its charm, the small town un-touristy feel and it’s very friendly locals.
Additionally. Jodphur is famous for the creamy makhani (butter) lassi’s (yogurt drink). And yes, this is where the pants come from!