Our favourite places in India – Munnar


Munnar Tea Plantations

Munnar, in the south-western state of Kerala (God’s own country) is situated 1600m above sea level. It was a favoured summer resort of the erstwhile British rulers. Now abundant with sprawling tea plantations, Munnar’s rolling verdant hills, colonial bungalows, sparkling waterfalls, cool weather, picture-postcard hamlets and undulating valleys create a spectacular beauty.

Cardomom, Coffee and Cinchona (a South American herbal plant) were cultivated first. Later the British started to plant tea which slowly covered the area completely. The plantations, the highest in the world, are all now owned by the Tata Tea Company, who also happens to own Tetley tea, so perhaps your morning cuppa Tetleys originated from Munnar!

Munnar Tea Plantation Worker

Munnar has the highest peak in South India – Anamudi – which at 2695m, offers some awesome trekking and walks.

The town itself is typically Indian with touristy shops selling tea and spices, a bustling market and hotels and guest houses, catering predominantly for the booming honeymoon market. Munnar is a beautiful, cool spot in the hills to escape for a couple of days while traipsing through South India.


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