Incredible Tours March 2020 update

This will be the only C-19 post from us to let you know that very fortunately we have no current clients or tours on the ground or any upcoming trips over the next few months. As a small tour operator, we are one of the lucky travel businesses at this time as our focus was already on tours commencing in October this year and onwards into 2021 and 2022. We will be here at the end of this…

In the meantime, we will be in self-isolation for the time being as I suggest everyone should be as much as possible. I for one plan to use this time to do lots of yoga and meditation, eat well, read lots of books and dream up new ideas for our tours in order to offer you all the best of the best when you travel with us.

Although we won’t be travelling for a while, the time will come when it’s time to pack your bags again and get on the road. Countless people and their families throughout the world rely on tourism income to survive. As soon as it’s safe and feasible to get back on the road let’s do it and get economies moving again!

In the meantime, we’ll continue to post some beautiful positive reminders of how amazing our Incredible world is. A great opportunity to bookmark and save these ideas and get some inspiration. We have several tours commencing in October – all with bookings, so get ready to be inspired and when the time is right, reserve your spot on one of these trips:

Essence of India – Women-only tour: 15th October – 6th November

One of our fab groups of ladies in Jaipur.

Essence of India – Pushkar Camel Fair tour: 7th – 29th November

Traders at the Pushkar Camel Fair

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel tour: 6th – 16th December

Exploring the Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

South Indian Odyssey tour: 5th – 28th January

The amazing Mysore Palace illuminations

Incredible Gujarat tour: 29th January – 18th February

At the fish market – Diu