Isolation stories – Nirav

Life in India has changed drastically over the past week. The entire country is in lockdown (as is much of the world) and in India alone, hundreds of millions of people grapple with the reality of no income for the foreseeable future.

I’ve been in contact with some of our local guides who have now found themselves without work indefinitely and with the prospect of having to find some other way of getting income in the coming weeks and months.

One of our local guides – the very wonderful Nirav who is based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat – sent me a message about what’s he’s up to.
“My all tours have been cancelled. I am at home. Good thing is I am getting more time for my design work. I will make new design of bags for your next year tours.”

In addition to being an amazing tour guide, Nirav is a tailor and designer.
When he was young, his father became too ill to work. Nirav went to work as a porter in a clothing factory in Ahmedabad to earn money to support his family. Over the years, he gradually picked up tailoring and designing skills and became a very skilled clothing designer.

Although Nirav is now in high demand as a tour guide in Gujarat, he still spends his free time at home designing and making clothes for his wife and daughter. It appears that his daughter obviously takes after him!

After Nirav was in contact with me, his story was picked up by the local BBC correspondent in Gujarat. Read it here.