Ladakh & Kashmir – Across the Top of the World – Delhi

Welcome to Days 1 & 2 of our Top of the World tour.

Day 1 and we are in Delhi, where we’ve visited Humayans tomb, the mausoleum of the 2nd great Moghul ruler of India as well as checking out Lutyens Delhi and Rajpath, where you’ll find India Gate, Parliament house, the Presidents house (the former Viceroys House from the time of the British) and the Secretariat buildlings. Now we’re visiting the Bangla Sahib Gurudwara, one of the largest and most important Sikh temples in Delhi where we’ve been inside the temple, explored the water tank and are now visiting the amazing kitchen which feeds up to 10000 people every day.

Tomb in Humayans Complex

Humayans Tomb

It’s day 2 and we are in Old Delhi, where we’ve just left the Jama Masjid – the largest mosque in India, built by Shah Jehan (who also built the Taj Mahal). Now we’re in cycle rickshaws weaving our way through the narrow lanes of the Old Delhi bazaars as we head to the Spice Markets, where intensity takes on a whole new meaning.

Doorway in Old Delhi

Coal fired iron - Old Delhi

Laneway in Old Delhi

Carts outside the spice market, Old Delhi