Ladakh & Kashmir – Across the Top of the World – Manali

Welcome to Days 7 & 8 of our Top of the World tour

It’s day 7 and we are enroute to Manali. We are now enjoying lunch at a local dhaba, or roadside eatery. Indian dhabas are where you’ll often get some of the best and tastiest food in India. Fully vegetarian, most dhabas serve cheap, plentiful and simple home-style Indian food. Later we’ll be driving past some beautiful scenery as we head into the Kullu Valley along the Beas River.

 Misty Beas River

Beas River Valley


It’s day 8 and this morning we are taking a hike to a nearby village about 3km from Manali town. The weather is still a little on the damp side (it is after all the monsoon now in India), but we’ve been blessed to have the rain hold off for this walk. The village we are heading to rarely gets any tourists visiting despite its proximity to Manali, so we’re likely to be as much of interest to the locals as they are to us. With most houses in the village still the traditional mudbrick and wood, it’ll be fascinating to see how the residents go about their daily lives.

Traditional house, Village near Manali

Meeting locals in a village near Manali

Traditional Village near Manali

Wandering through a local village near Manali