Life enhancers searching for new experiences in Incredible India

A lovely lady by the name of Alison Gardner, who just happens to run an online travel magazine called Travel with a Challenge was a passenger on our Womens-only tour last October in India.

Here’s an excerpt from an article she recently had published about her experiences on the tour.

Many thanks Alison.


‘Each day was a revelation … from learning to drape a sari or create a tight turban (either one of which is made from four meters or 13 feet of fabric!) to taking a lesson in Indian cooking in a little room above a shop; from executing traditional miniature paintings with a single squirrel tail hair brush to attending an exquisitely-decorated Bollywood movie house where a thousand local people spontaneously interacted with the film and its actors, as well as with each other, throughout the showing.

On our three-star camel safari into Rajasthan’s western desert, we slept in simple tents or under the stars, stumbling with flashlights in the night to the amazingly-efficient sand toilet where dung beetles stood ready to do their work …’ Read more…