The best time to travel to the Subcontinent

By Debbie Kindness | March 23, 2017

 The Indian Subcontinent is a vast region with widely varying geography and climate. From the mighty Himalayan mountain range in the north, ranging from Pakistan in the west through India and Nepal to Bhutan in the east to the tropical south, including the islands of Sri Lanka and the Indian island states of Lakshadweep and Andamans. In the west are

Why travel on one of our tours?

By Debbie Kindness | March 22, 2017

Time and again our clients repeat the same thing – that one of the reasons they chose Incredible Indian Tours is because we have western tour escorts.Why is this important?In a foreign country – everything is different. The culture, the food, the way people think. When you’re on tour in a country as different as India, you’re already

Incredible Sri Lanka

By Debbie Kindness | March 16, 2017

 Sri Lanka, the ‘Wonder of Asia’, has something to offer everyone, and our 18 day Incredible Sri Lanka trip has it all. Ancient ruins, tea plantations, wildlife safaris, world heritage sites, natural beauty, amazing beaches, fabulous food and spices, not to mention standout shopping.  With a tropical, monsoonal climate, the high season in Sri Lanka runs from December

Optional Single Supplement

By Debbie Kindness | March 6, 2017

 At Incredible Indian Tours, we don’t charge a compulsory single supplement charge for single travellers. On our group tours we often have 3,4 or even 5 travellers of the same sex travelling independently.If you choose the sharing option, your tour leader will rotate the single sharers at each new hotel, so you get a new room

Women Only Tours

By Debbie Kindness | March 5, 2017

.Tours for women-only are getting more and more popular each year. Why?   Is it because women travel differently than men do?Is it because women like to take time to discover and appreciate cultural differences and get to know the people and the culture, not only see the sights.Is it because women relish the freedom to experience new

Wildlife Tourism in India and Nepal

By Debbie Kindness | December 15, 2016

Elephants, Tigers and more In recent times, the use of wild animals for tourism has been coming under scrutiny, and rightly so. In India and Nepal, elephants particularly have been recognised as a wild animal that do not naturally inhabit some of the regions they are kept as tourist attractions, or used for tourism purposes (for example, Rajasthan). Elephants

8 myths about Nepal that travelers get wrong

By Debbie Kindness | August 23, 2016

  Earlier this year, Matador Network published this interesting article by Elen Turner about people’s general misconceptions regarding Nepal.  I personally come across people who think Nepal is just mountains and you would only go there trekking. This is not the case, and there is so much more to this incredible country. But that’s the subject for another

Slum Tour in Mumbai

By Debbie Kindness | December 10, 2014

.Today I was fortunate enough to be taken on a private tour of the infamous Dharavi Slum in Mumbai.I’d heard about it, read books about it, seen it in Slumdog Millionaire and thought I knew what to expect.How wrong was I. Dharavi has been around a long time – since the 1880’s, and the relocating of slum

Pushkar Camel Fair

By Debbie Kindness | July 11, 2014

.In October/November 2013, we hosted a Photography Tour with Dave Metcalf. His travel writer wife Stephanie Brookes also came along on the trip.The result of that union is this fantastic article published in the Air Asia in flight magazine this month.Have a read.  Inspired? Join us on one of our upcoming tours

Incredible Nepal Photography Tour – September/October 2013

By Debbie Kindness | October 14, 2013

 What happens when you put together a professional photographer who loves landscapes, amazing skies, sunrises, sunsets and fabulous architecture with Incredible Nepal? A Photography Tour with the most amazing opportunities to capture landscapes, people, architecture, wildlife and more.Our inaugural Photography Tour has just finished up in Kathmandu and boy, did we have an adventure or three.Although it