Our favourite places in India – Bharatpur

By Debbie Kindness | May 2, 2013

Bharatpur, 60km west of Agra, was founded in 1733 by the Jats, a caste of Hindu farmers/peasants. In the late 17th century, they were bandits who would loot caravans between Delhi and Agra. By 1750, Badan Singh and his armies controlled almost all land between Delhi and Agra and succeeded in defeating the Mughals. In Bharatpur you can visit

Our favourite places in India – Periyar

By Debbie Kindness | April 22, 2013

Periyar National Park was created in 1978, and the Periyar river was dammed to form a lake in the park. The park covers 777 sq km with a core area of 350 sq km. The park is often called by the name of Thekkady. Periyar is also one of the Project Tiger national parks.The sanctuary surrounds picturesque 26 km