Our favourite places in India – Hampi

By Debbie Kindness | May 4, 2013

A small quaint village in the middle of the Deccan Plateau, in the middle of South India, Hampi is believed to be Kishkindha, the monkey kingdom, home of King Sugreeva and Hanuman mentioned in the Ramayana. The first historical settlements in Hampi date back to 1 AD. It is also believed to be a location where Lord Shiva came to

Our favourite places in India – Mahabalipuram

By Debbie Kindness | April 30, 2013

Often referred to as an Open air museum, Maahabalipuram dates back to the Tamil Pallava dynasty in the 7th-9th century. The structures here, mostly carved straight out of granite, are among the oldest existing examples of Dravidian (South Indian) architecture. Mahabalipuram was named after the great demon Bali, who was defeated by Vishnu in his Dwarf incarnation (Vamana), who