Tour of the Week – Essence of India – Pushkar Camel Fair Tour

Our featured tour of the week is our Essence of India tour

India’s most famous monument, one of the seven wonders of the world is the incredible Taj Mahal.

Nothing can prepare you for your first glimpse of this iconic mausoleum as you walk through the main arch of the entry building.
The sheer scale of the building and complex and the overall symmetry is close to perfection.

However, the building is not exactly symmetrical. The Taj was built by the Moghul emperor Shah Jehan (a Muslim ruler who ruled much of Northern India from 1628 to 1658) for his beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal, his chief consort, who died in childbirth. In the islamic faith, only Allah can create perfection, so as the tomb is man-made, it’s believed that there was a deliberate flaw built into the construction
Can you guess what it is?

Come and see the wonder of the world for yourself with us on our Essence of India tour.
The next departure of this trip is 7th November 2020.
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