Incredible Burma tour

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Our featured tour of the week is our Incredible Burma tour.

Mandalay was immortalised by Rudyard Kipling in his poem – The road to Mandalay.

Once the capital, and seat of the Burmese royal family, Mandalay was where the British overthrew the last king in 1885 and sent him into exile in India. Today, you can visit the remains of the royal palace as well as a number of fascinating pagodas in and around the city.

Nearby in Amarapura, south of Mandalay is the picturesquely located U Bien Bridge – at 1200m, it is the longest and also the oldest teakwood bridge in the world. People throng here at sunrise and sunset for dreamy scenes of the bridge reflected in the lake that it spans.

Take the road to Mandalay with us on our Incredible Burma tour.

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