Tour of the Week – South Indian Odyssey

Our featured tour of the week is South Indian Odyssey

Our second-last stop of the tour is in a town called Pondicherry where we spend two nights.

Pondicherry (these days officially called Puducherry – which is derived from the original name of the area Putucceri) was the chief French settlement in India, dating back to 1673. At various times, it was captured by the Dutch and British, but from the 1816 until 1954 Pondicherry was very much part of France.

Pondi (the locals pet name for the city) is known as the French Riviera of the East and still has a distinct European vibe in the French part of town – known as White Town. The city has a dual identity however with a canal separating the French quarter from the Tamil (local Indian) quarter to the west, further away from the beachside.

With a thriving art scene, and an entire community evolved around nearby Auroville (an experimental township founded by the Aurobindo Ashram back in the 60s) that as a byproduct of its existance produces an amazing array of handicrafts, clothing, jewelery and more there is so much to see and do in Pondicherry. And I haven’t even mentioned the food scene!!!

Join us on our South Indian Odyssey and explore the charms of Pondicherry for yourself.
The next departure of this tour is 5th January 2021.For more details visit the webpage.