Tour of the Week – South Indian Odyssey

Our featured tour of the week is South Indian Odyssey

When you think of Goa, you may think of beautiful palm fringed beaches, package tourists, hippies and rave parties.
You may also think Goa is ‘just a beach’.

Goa is actually India’s smallest state, with an area of just 3700sqkm and around 90km of beaches along India’s western coast and it’s far more than just cows on beaches, tourists and hippy markets.

With one of India’s oldest histories of foreign influence, Goa was conquered by the Portuguese in 1510 and not handed back to India until 1961. That’s over 460 years of European culture blended with Goan traditions. The effect on the architecture, food and culture has created a unique region and one of India’s most interesting.

Amith Nag Photography/Getty Images

The capital of Goa is Panjim, a small city of around 250,000 situated on the Mandovi river. The old town, Asia’s largest Latin Quarter – Fontainhas is a charming area of colourful Portuguese homes situated on narrow streets and lanes. There are galleries, cafes, restaurants and shops to explore along with heritage buildings and churches.

Our South Indian Odyssey tour starts in Panjim. While we don’t include a beach visit in Goa, why not arrive a few days early to relax after your long flights on a peaceful secluded beach (we can recommend locations for you depending upon what kind of Goan beach experience you’d like). Then join us in Panjim for the first two nights of the trip and explore with us this quaint and charming throwback to the Latin Portuguese period of Goa.

Our next South Indian Odyssey tour commences on the 5th January 2021. All the details are on the tour webpage