Tour of the week – Upper Mustang – Nepal

Our featured tour of the week is the Upper Mustang jeep tour.

Mani walls are walls built of rubble and sand and faced with stone plates engraved with the Tibetan buddhist prayer ‘Om Mani Padme Hum’.
The longest one in Nepal, at nearly 400m is just outside the village of Ghami heading north to Charang on the road to Lo Manthang.
Carved and built by locals as a form of devotion, one should walk to the left, or circumnabulate the wall in a clockwise direction. Doing so is known as a Kora, both a pilgrimage and a meditative practice.

Mani Wall near Ghami village
Mani wall near Ghami

Come and see some this astonishing Mani wall on our Upper Mustang jeep tour.
The next departure of this trip is 15th October 2020.
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