Tour of the week – Upper Mustang – Nepal

Our featured tour of the week is the Upper Mustang jeep tour.

Snow leopard pugmarks

Snow Leopards are vulnerable big cats found in the mountain ranges of Central and South Asia. The worldwide population is estimated to be less than 9000. There are around 300-400 estimated to be in Nepal, some of which live in the hills of the Upper Mustang area.

Looking down on snow covered village of Gurung
Gurung village in the fresh snowfall

Last time we visited Upper Mustang, we woke up in the village of Chele to a beautiful silent thoroughly covering snowfall. As we drove north towards Lo Manthang, we stopped at the pass, at around 3800msl at the top of the hill to take in the views of the fresh snowcovered peaks and hills around us in the beautiful sunshine that had replaced the snow-laden clouds.

Snowball fights on the pass

As we were acting like kids and playing in the snow, we spotted what looked unmistakenly like big cat footprints – pugmarks – that can only have been made by a snow leopard. Sure enough, our guide informed us that snow leopards are known to take livestock from the villages below, so yes, these would be snow-leopard prints. While we didn’t see the elusive cat, the pugmarks were still pretty exciting!

Snow leopard prints

Come and see if we can spot more pugmarks or even if you’re incredibly lucky – one of the elusive cats themselves on our Upper Mustang jeep tour.
The next departure of this trip is 15th October 2020.
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