Tour of the week – Upper Mustang – Nepal

Our featured tour of the week is once again in Nepal. This time we’re highlighting the Upper Mustang jeep tour.

On our jeep trip through Upper Mustang, we spend two acclimatisation nights in the village of Charang. Although Charang is the second biggest town in the region, with around 700 inhabitants, it’s not exactly a large place. It was once an important stop on an ancient caravan route carrying salt between Tibet and India. A desert oasis, carefully tended terrace fields create a splash of green in the otherwise brown and yellow landscape.

Charang Gompa
Charang Gompa

The princess of Mustang (the daughter of the last King of Mustang) calls Charang home and manages one of the guest houses in town. There’s also a palace, once home to the King of Mustang, which although in ruins is worth exploring as is the nearby Gompa. With much to see and explore in and around this authentic Upper Mustang village, our two nights and one day in Charang will be filled with adventure and charm.

Stupa near Charang
Buddhist stupa near Charang

Experience staying in this remote village on our Upper Mustang jeep tour.
The next departure of this trip is 15th October 2020.
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