Tour of the Week – Women-only Essence of India Tour

Our featured tour of the week is our Women-only Essence of India tour

Varanasi is best known as the holy city on the Ganges. As well as being the holiest of holies for Hindu’s it is a city famous for Indian classical music. On any day around town, somewhere you’ll find a concert happening. Many foreigners come to Varanasi to study Indian classical music and learn the Sitar or Tabla.

Letting you in on a secret here…on our tours that visit Varanasi, we put on a private classical music concert ourselves just for you and to make it extra special, we hold it on a boat at dusk on the Ganges river.

I think this is a pretty special event and our travellers agree.
You can experience this for yourself if you join one of our Women-only tours.
The next departure of this trip is 15th October 2020.
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