Tour of the Week – Women-only Essence of India Tour

Our featured tour of the week is our Women-only Essence of India tour

Turbans are an everyday item of clothing for men of many different communities in India. One of the most common turbans to see is the Rajasthani Pagari.

Varying in style, colour and size, these turbans indicate the wearers social standing and caste. In the hot, dry desert areas, turbans are large and loose. They are used by farmers and shepherds who need protection from the elements. They can be used as a pillow, a sheet, a towel, to strain muddy water and as a rope to draw water from a well, with average lengths often being around 9 metres or more.

Turbans are also used for special occasions, such as weddings and their design and wrap will differ from region to region. In fact it is said that the style of wrapping the turban will change every 15km.

Come with us to find out more about turbans on one of our Women-only tours.
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