Tour of the Week – Women-only Essence of India Tour

Our featured tour of the week is our Women-only Essence of India tour

India is home to hundreds of stepwells – storage water wells built with steps leading down to the water. An interesting feature of stepwells in India is that they were built predominantly to provide water but also, because they are often quite deep, they would provide relief from the daytime heat, particularly if the well was covered. They were also a place for social gatheries and religious ceremonies.
There are many stepwells still in existance in Western India – mainly Rajasthan and Gujarat.

Amber Stepwell, Jaipur

On our Women-only tour, we visit Jaipur, the Pink City, capital of Rajasthan and a newly named UNESCO World Heritage City. We make sure to visit this beautiful stepwell located in Amber, the old capital.

You may also recognise the stepwell from a scene in The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel movie. The young couple – Sonny and Sunaina – were seen discussing their future whilst sitting on the steps of this stepwell.

Come and see this stepwell for yourself with us on our Women-only tour.
The next departure of this trip is 15th October 2020.
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