Why travel on one of our tours?

Incredible Indian Tours

Time and again our clients repeat the same thing – that one of the reasons they chose Incredible Indian Tours is because we have western tour escorts.

Ladies group in Agra

Why is this important?

In a foreign country – everything is different. The culture, the food, the way people think. When you’re on tour in a country as different as India, you’re already undergoing a massive culture shock, where nothing works like you’re used to. And that’s a great thing. It’s one of the reasons to travel.

However, it can be challenging when you also need to try to deal with your tour leaders accent and general cultural differences. Having local tour guides in the various locations we visit on tour means we get great local interaction – whether it is a guide showing us around a palace, or whether it is a cooking class or village visit.

Having a local tour escort in addition can lead to a level of immersion that can be challenging for some. Many local tour escorts/guides in India are amazingly well-travelled themselves and speak better English than some native English-speakers. Many understand the western psych and can interpret a concept or situation in a way that makes it easily comprehended by their clients. However, this is not always the case.

Visiting local home 

On all our group tours, we provide a western tour escort who is there as a go-between, not to come in between you and the local experience, but to help you understand, be it as an interpreter because the guide’s accent is too strong and you’re having trouble keeping up with what is said, or because you’re unfamiliar with the customs and culture and having someone explain in a westernised way what is happening can make your experience much more pleasurable. They also understand the frustration of not having hot water for your shower or power for your camera charger or the need to take some time out for personal space, things that might seem unusual from an Indian perspective.


Who we are

Many of you have travelled with me (Debbie). I’ve been leading tour groups throughout India, Nepal, South East Asia and Europe for 17 years, and have had hundreds of clients travel with me over that time. I started Incredible Indian Tours in 2006 and now call India home. Having travelled extensively in India and Nepal (backpacking for months on end throughout the 1990s) and taking groups and independent travellers to many places over the past 17 years, I’ve been to most places (not all yet!) and feel a deep understanding and love for India (and the rest of the subcontinent), although there are many things about India that will never be truly understood by a non-Indian. I am so fortunate that I am living my dream which is to be able to introduce others to this fascinating, complex and incredible part of the world.

Kim has been working with us since 2012 and escorts most of our Rajasthan and Women-only tours. Another Aussie gal, Kim also calls India home and spends much of the year at her home in the stunning Himalayas. Kim first came to India in the early 1990s and like me, has been travelling here now for nearly 30 years.

Tour guides 

Kim & I have a passion for all things Indian and love to assist others to experience and understand this amazing part of the world, so you can be assured that on any trip with us, you will have an unforgettable and incredible adventure, coming away with fantastic memories, as well as an appreciation and (hopefully) growing passion for the subcontinent that we both have.