Why Incredible Italy

For a few years now, I’ve been asked by clients which other countries I’m going to start taking Incredible Tours to.
Nepal was an obvious first choice, being a neighbour of India, and a country I’ve travelled and spent much time in.
Post our very successful foray into Nepal, my next choice was Italy.

Italy Map

Why Italy? After India and Nepal, you might think Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam, even China, after all – they’re part of Asia, and closer to Australia.
Well, that’s true, but equally true is that my favourite country on the planet after India is Italy.

Having travelled to Italy a few times in my 20s, I was lucky enough to spend close to a year in Italy several years ago when I worked for a leading tour company assisting them to get their European tours up and running. I landed in Rome hardly remembering how to say much more than ‘bonjourno’ but was soon becoming half Italian. (Anyone who knows me says I’m more Indian than most Indian’s, but it works in Italy too!)

What a phenomenal country. Such a history, amazing natural beauty, incredible culture, sensational food and wine. Italy traps you hook line and sinker in its charms.

So after a bit of plotting, planning and looking through my old photos, I have put together our inaugural ‘Incredible Italy’ tour.


We start in Venice on June 25 2012. Want more information… visit our Incredible Italy Webpage

Stay tuned for more about this awesome tour in coming days.