Why We Don’t List On Tripadvisor

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Most travelers will eventually end up on TripAdvisor when planning their holiday or vacation.

It’s like the Google of the travel world, where people go for “honest, unbiased reviews” of hotels, restaurants, sights and activities written by fellow travelers.

Unfortunately the information on TripAdvisor is anything but honest and unbiased, and it seems the situation is getting worse.

TripAdvisor constructed their brand on the trademark “World’s most trusted travel site”, but the words “trusted” and “honest” have been removed from all webpages.

As quoted in this article here,

“Reputation management companies exist which businesses can hire to create highly believable fake reviews, “fix” their reputation if they’ve received bad reviews, or sabotage their competitors. To prove how easy this is, an Italian magazine got a fake restaurant that doesn’t even exist to #1 in the restaurant ratings.”

Over the years our website has been subject to a large number of hacking attempts and denial of service attacks, which was why sometimes web pages were not available in the past (until we converted the major important ones to html format).

You see, the travel business in India is hyper competitive, and many operators are less than scrupulous when it comes to their opposition. Unhappy IT service providers are also a threat, armed with technical knowledge far above ours.

So we chose not to list our services on Tripadvisor because we knew we would be bombarded with false bad reviews, and those are hard if not impossible to get removed, and unless you sue them, you can’t have your listing removed in its entirety either.

“Hotels, restaurants and other small businesses can lose a significant part of their business if they receive fake negative reviews or get red-flagged by TripAdvisor for “suspicious activity”, yet they often have no recourse except to take the website to court, and many simply don’t have the financial resources to do so.”

We don’t have time for all that nonsense, because it distracts from what we do – provide our clients with one of the world’s best Indian and Himalayan intimate travel experiences.

In light of the challenges outlined above, we like to keep control of the review process, and prefer to sort out any problems if and when they occur face to face, rather than let issues fester then become public because they don’t get resolved.

For 18 years this customer-centric service outlook has won us many positive reviews (which you can view here on our testimonials page or here on our Youtube channel or here on our Facebook page) and a lot of repeat clients and referrals. Some have explored the Subcontinent with us more than four times.

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