Women-Only Tours – The Why, Who and How


Tours for women-only are getting more and more popular each year. Why?

Is it because women travel differently than men do? Is it because women like to take time to discover and appreciate cultural differences and get to know the people and the culture, not only see the sights. Is it because women relish the freedom to experience new things and to challenge themselves with immersion into an unfamiliar culture? Is it because women often don’t have a compatible partner, friend or relative to share the travel experience with and feel safer travelling with other like-minded women? Is it because travelling on a traditional group tour as a single woman can leave you feeling like the odd-one out with activities geared more towards couples? Is it because of having to pay an expensive single supplement when travelling on a traditional tour as a single traveller? Is it because being in the company of other women is good for the soul? Is it because travelling with other women provides an unique experience of being in an environment of sharing and caring and support and encouragement which is fun and relaxing, where you can truly just be yourself.

Udaipur Cooking Class


Our women-only travellers know that there’s something truly unique about travelling with other women. There’s a kinship that’s shared through cultural immersion, spiritual interests, historic exploration and discovery, culinary delights, arts and crafts and shopping. Our women-only travellers are active woman, curious woman, and women who seek a more consciousness-raising, stimulating travel experience. Our women-only travellers are usually aged anywhere from 35-70 years old. Our women-only travellers are successful and satisfied with their lives and usually travel alone, although sometimes our women-only travellers are lucky enough to have a friend or female relative to share the experience with. Our women-only travellers come from all over the world, particularly Australia, Canada, USA and Europe.  Our women-only travellers are self-sufficient, flexible, and able to accept travel situations as they exist, particularly in countries with very different cultures to those that we’re used to. Our women-only travellers understand the constraints of group travel necessitate that they each need to be understanding of and sensitive to the others in the group. Our women-only travellers are women who are out to experience an out-of-the-ordinary holiday and meet new friends.

Women-only group at the Taj Mahal


Incredible Indian Tours women are treated as a personal guest. Incredible Indian Tours women experience a tour which is small enough to be moulded and shaped to fit each of the travellers individual desires and wishes, needs and wants. Incredible Indian Tours women get to experience a travel vacation that is designed to provide an exciting, yet hassle-free, alternative to the typical ‘package tour’. Incredible Indian Tours women enjoy a tour that is paced with ample time to explore the charm and soul of each destination. Incredible Indian Tours women wander, shop, visit the sights, museums and galleries, get pampered and take time out to relax. Incredible Indian Tours women travel in groups no bigger than 10 to enable us to stay at unique accommodations with local ambiance and to dine at interesting local restaurants. Incredible Indian Tours women still get to experience the important stuff such as a dawn visit to the Taj Mahal or a boat ride down the Ganges, but the real difference is in the relaxed pace and in the selection of other experiences on tour. Incredible Indian Tours women get the opportunity to connect with the people and not only see the sights. Incredible Indian Tours women get to experience cultural immersion activities in a relaxed and intimate manner. Incredible Indian Tours women experience an unrushed tour pace which, combined with the small number of participants creates a feeling of a group of friends travelling together. Incredible Indian Tours women always make new friends as they spend time talking, laughing, getting to know each other while experiencing the unique and incredible attractions of India.

Meeting local women in the market in Pushkar

So do you think you’re an Incredible Indian Tours Women-Only tour candidate? Take a look at our Women-only tours and join us on the adventure of a lifetime, one that just might change your life!